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What is online training all about?

Training can be time consuming and expensive. EnviroSpectrum provides personalized learning solutions that save you time and money, and are accessible on your schedule. On-line learning, also known as e-learning and Web-based training, delivers instruction through the Internet. You can access our training courses in the workplace wherever there is an Internet-ready computer and whenever it is convenient. You can learn at your own pace, under a benevolent tutor that never loses patience, and you can revisit the material as often as desired.

Our courses are interesting, engaging, and user-friendly - and most important of all, they comply with OSHA's requirement for meaningful, real time interactive access to subject matter expert instructors who answer questions, clarify issues, and explain site-specific subjects.

Specifically, here's what you'll find in EnviroSpectrum's courses:

  • A rich, interactive learning experience
  • Exciting graphics and animations
  • Embedded exercises to help you measure understanding
  • Feedback that reinforces concepts
  • Lesson tests to measure learning and retention
  • Built-in countdown clock, when needed, to ensure the OSHA time requirement is met
  • Students who successfully complete the course receive certification from EnviroSpectrum
  • Multi-level Certificates of Completion to reward students who put forth extra effort
  • Students can view their status and scores at any time
  • Links to related areas of interest, including appropriate federal agencies and regulations